About us

Our company has been producing and selling beer-mats since 1996. Along with beer-mats, the portfolio of our products has gradually expanded, included also other items requested by our customers, such as beer-mat holders, plastic and tin trays, crown corks, metal and enamelled boards, parasols, LED advertisment panels and many other advertisment products made from paperboard. We are focused on customers that order higher quantities (most often producers of beveriges), but we are able to satisfy needs of a smaller customers, e.g. micro-breweries, aswell. If you are interested in our products, we will be happy to prepare a quotation and provide you with needed information. We will glady supply you with different shapes of beer- mats and other products also in smaller quantities. Starting from 1 pcs as a minimum order quantity, we offer printed illuminated frames, sizes A4, A3 and A2, and printed metal boards. Up from 3 pcs we offer parasols with your printing, up from 10 pcs plastic and tin trays unprinted; up from 50 pcs printed trays, up from 10 pcs plastic beer-mat holders unprinted, minimum quantity for printed beer-mat holders can be negotiated. Beer-mats can be ordered up from 1000 pcs!